It's time to update your Business Headshot Portraits!

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Viva Photo Studio has over a 10 years of experience photographing corporate business head shots and portraits. Business head shot clients include law firms, real estate agencies, insurance agencies, multinational banks, and financial service companies. In addition to corporate firms, we also photographed a number of professional business individuals including small business owners, authors, doctors, scientists and many more which can be used for self promotion, book covers, and social networks.


Viva Photo Studio understands the importance of having a good business head shot that is representative of your character and professionalism. We capture head shots to the specific needs of the individual and company to showcase the personality behind the business.

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Ask about our Hair and Make UP Services!

We highly recommend you elevate your look with our make up services.

The make up applied is camera ready makeup which is different from every day make up. That doesn't mean it's caked on it just means that it is applied especially to show for the camera.

Whether its a bold glam look or something soft and natural our make-up artist will work with you to get the look you desire.

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Individual Headshots for your Team (less than 50 people)

  • Order pre-paid certificates (emailed within 12-24 business hours) that can be distributed to your team.
  • Use the Headshots Checklist to achieve a consistent look for your team.
  • Ask your team to bring their certificate and checklist to their session and our photographers will take it from there!

Individual Headshots for your Team (50 or more people)

  • For more information on setting up individual headshots for a large group, email our Headshots team to receive personalized support for your business needs.

We do Photobooth Rentals:

  • Open Air Booths
  • Enclosed Booths
  • LED Inflatable Booths


See link below for more information:

CLICK Here for more information

photobooth samplesphotobooth samples


We look forward to hearing from you soon to capture your Business Head shot.

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