Cake Smash  & Birthdays


We have a variety of Birthday props, backgrounds, and furniture to help capture this cherished mile stone to express the tenderness and cuteness your child has.

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With Viva Photo Studio, you can capture those precious moments in your life. Schedule your photo session today!

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Our studio offers birthday outfits (See studio for details. Available for non-cake smash session.)

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Make the most of your session...What should I BRING?

  • Make sure your child is well rested before arrive to their photo session.
  • Bring an outfit or three. The photographer will help you choose the one that suites your child best.
  • Make sure to bring an outfit for after the cake smash for your child to change into.
  • Baby wipes...Lots of them (for cake smash only).
  • Balloons, Banners, Toys, Stuffed animal, and anything related to your theme is welcome.
  • Don't forget to bring the cake! (it does not have to be a cake Donuts are yummy to) 81542666_2778283482221870_2083761103719890944_n81542666_2778283482221870_2083761103719890944_n Viva_Studio_0197Viva_Studio_0197 Viva_Photo- 5604Viva_Photo- 5604 90009173_2931219813594902_6840587497441853440_n90009173_2931219813594902_6840587497441853440_n

We look forward to hearing from you soon to capture those beautiful memories of this precious milestone that is Childhood.

We are a full service studio and offer a wide selection of keepsakes to make your child's birthday party more memorable.

Enlargements/Canvases Baby-CanvasBaby-Canvas Custom Mugs baptism mugbaptism mug  

Custom Keychains

bap  keychainsbap keychains

Birthday invitations


Custom Chocolate Bars

bap chocolate Barsbap chocolate Bars

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