School Services

Our quality is impeccable. We produce everything in our Buena Park, CA facility, including portraits, school services, and all of our senior portrait memorabilia. This means we keep our eyes on the quality of all of our products.


ID Cards/Visitor Badges: Creatively customized for your school

Available in a vertical or horizontal layout

Can be punched for a lanyard

Cards can be bar-coded to be used in your school’s library, lunch room or security system.


 Student Directory of entire school sorted by grade or homeroom

Student Directories will be supplied to each school, but not the typical student directory that falls apart! Our soft cover books are near yearbook quality and can handle daily use. The directory includes photographs of each student, broken down by grade and/or homeroom, and will include the student’s name, grade and homeroom number.

Digital Picture Student Directories Going Green/Paperless? This digital version of the student directory is an excellent alternative to the printed version that can be conveniently emailed to your entire staff!

Complimentary Picture Packages to all Staff